30 Days of Impact

What is it?

30 Days of ImpactIn 2014, all of the cities and towns in Rockingham County declared April as Rockingham County Cancer Awareness Month. During this time, it is our objective to increase awareness of the resources available to the hundreds in our county battling cancer every day. We want to make more folks aware of what our Fund offers and parallel to that, we hope to raise funds to make it possible to continue helping even more local patients.

30 Days of Impact is our campaign to raise awareness and funds to assist as many local cancer patients and their families financially, emotionally, and educationally so that they can better fight the cancer. We need your help. We are reaching out to individuals, companies, churches, schools, and organizations to put together their “team” to assist in our mission. Each team will have a $1,000 fundraising goal, with the understanding that as little or as much that is raised is truly appreciated and will make a tremendous difference to local cancer patients. We are the only agency that services 100% of Rockingham County and does not receive funding from the government or United Way. Therefore, your support is that much more significant.

Your team’s support can range from a multitude of things. Your company could have a change collection for a period of time during April, you could have other fundraisers, or you could simply email your fundraising page out to all employees and they could donate directly. Check out the campaign here.

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How can you help?

We are hosting a kickoff event at The Barry Joyce Cancer Resource Center February 1st at 5:00. Here, folks will hear more about what we do, more about the campaign, and receive material packets. The packets will include information about The Barry L. Joyce Local Cancer Support Fund, individuals that we’ve helped, donation slips, donation receipts, donation ledgers, step by step instructions to set up your fundraising page and more – everything to make the process as simple as possible.

Whether you have questions or an interest in being a part of 30 Days of Impact, simply contact us for more information. You can call 336-427-4357 or email at info@bljcancerfund.org.

We truly appreciate your help and belief in our mission. We cannot do all that we do without you! Remember, every cent that is donated to our Fund stays here in Rockingham County to help our very neighbors with their fight against cancer.


James “Windy” Welch proudly stands in front of his restaurant in downtown Mayodan with his mother. A restaurant he had just opened right before being diagnosed with cancer. Without his parents running the restaurant while he was unable and our Cancer Fund helping with his medicine, “the cancer would have been so much more stressful and overwhelming,” Windy says. Windy also talked about how much easier and comforting it was to work with such a local organization.