About Us

Local People Helping Local People.

That is what Barry Joyce wanted to do when he envisioned a fund established to assist people in Rockingham County who are battling cancer.

Why cancer? While Barry was fighting his courageous battle with prostate cancer, he realized the tremendous need in Rockingham County. Cancer is the leading cause of death in Rockingham County.

After his untimely death, the Joyce family established the Barry L. Joyce Local Cancer Support Fund. A fund specifically created to provide financial resources to cancer victims in need. The resources come in the form of small cash contributions to cover pharmacy bills, utilities, auto gas, and food – those everyday expenses, to name a few, that need not be worried about when you are trying to focus on the challenge of beating cancer.

Our Fund has grown since its beginning, and today we can say that many local cancer patients have had their financial burden eased because of the foresight of one of Rockingham County’s old time friends. The Barry L. Joyce Local Cancer Support Fund – Helping Local Friends and Neighbors in Rockingham County with their fight against cancer.

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The Barry Joyce Cancer Resource Center

Barry Joyce Resource Center SignThe Barry L. Joyce Local Cancer Support Fund has helped cancer patients in Rockingham County, financially, for more than 14 years. Barry also believed strongly in educational and emotional support. A cancer diagnosis can be completely overwhelming, to say the least. Regardless of how much money you have, a support system is a must.

The opening of The Barry Joyce Cancer Resouce Center in November of 2013, has allowed us to also assist cancer patients and their families on more of an emotional and educational level. In addition to our computer resource room and library, which houses many brochures and books, we offer support groups, yoga classes, massage therapy, creative escapes, information sessions, and much more. These services are at no charge to the hundreds of folks in our community that are dealing with cancer – whether they are a survivor currently undergoing treatment or are now cancer free or are a caregiver to a loved one fighting cancer.

Our goal is to be there for the cancer patient every step of the way. To help them get a better handle on what they’re dealing with and offer the kind of support you would expect from a close friend.

  • 95% Programs and Services
  • 3% Fundraising
  • 2% Management

Our Mission Statement:

The mission of The Barry L. Joyce Local Cancer Support Fund is to provide financial, emotional, and educational support to cancer patients residing in Rockingham County, North Carolina who do not have the means to adequately fight their illness.


The diagnosis of ‘cancer’ is overwhelming to the patient and the family. The added financial burden adds to the stress and the patient has a feeling of hopelessness. Thanks to the Barry L. Joyce Local Cancer Support Fund, you relieved some of this burden.
We, Amy’s family, will be forever grateful for your support. It was a glimmer of hope in this dark tunnel. We weren’t all alone in our journey.
We were blessed by you.”

Bob and Gae (parents of Amy)