Our Mission Statement

The mission of The Barry L. Joyce Local Cancer Support Fund is to provide financial, emotional, and educational support to cancer patients residing in Rockingham County, North Carolina who do not have the means to adequately fight their illness.

Barry had the vision to help Rockingham County cancer patients financially. He knew that if we could do this, that would allow for more energy for our friends to fight their cancer. We have been doing just that for the past 20 years and we have never turned away a single person in need. Not one.

Financial support can include assistance with power bills, gas cards, pharmaceutical bills, and more. We have provided dentures to friends after chemo wreaked havoc on their teeth and eye glasses for friends so they could see to drive to their appointments. We’ve provided beds when our friends had none. We’ve had houses fumigated for fleas so radiation treatments could continue. We’ve cleaned houses when friends grew too weak to do it on their own. We’ve provided air conditioning units in the summer and heaters in the winter. We provided food so that our friends not have to worry about where to get their next meal. There is never a need that we will not consider.

Cancer Resource GuideWith the opening of The Barry Joyce Cancer Resource Center November of 2013, we have the opportunity to help more on an emotional and educational level. The Center houses a computer room with a library for friends to gather information that even includes our very own “Cancer Resource Guide”. The Center also allows us to help on an emotional level with the variety of programs that we offer each week.


“I’ve seen firsthand with the meal box deliveries that the need is great whether it’s help with food or with living conditions. These dear people really pull on my heart and I want to help make it possible for them to have food in their cupboards and power to keep warm or cool.”

Carol Harbour